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St Peters Episcopal Church, Lewis Delaware

March 2nd to 6th, 2020

Saint Peter's Episcopal Church

St Peters Episcopal Church is on the ocean. The town is a lovely harbor to stroll and enjoy. Lewes is a beautiful and peaceful setting for insights, teaching, studying and meditating. The meeting rooms are comfortable, the church is a delight, the community is peaceful. The location makes you feel welcome and cared for. St Peter’s Episcopal Church is hosting this event. This year we will focus again on the voices of Women in Iconography and perhaps new understanding. Insights shared through the feminine voice in iconography is a testament to the fact that there continues to be revelation happening in the mind of humanity.

The workshop will be held in the parish hall, lunch included each day. Make it clear you must arrange your own lodging. Or contact Mary Jane Miller directly. Transportation and lodging is not included but several parishioners will sponsor you as a house guest upon request.

For more information please contact Natalie Kerr either by phone (302) 329-9657 or mail at

COST $425.00 USD participant (includes art supplies and lunch). Maximum 18 participants.

Lodging and transportation not included. Upon request, several parishioners will sponsor house guest. Paypal, cash or check to reserve a spot.

Saint Peter's Episcopal



February 24th to 28th, 2020

Center for Spiritual Care

The Center for Spiritual Care in Vero Beach, Florida provides the individual and small groups an opportunity for spiritual and holistic growth. Spring 2020 they are offering a unique look into the spiritual practice of Icon Painting with Mary Jane Miller. The group will work together in this Florida icon workshop over 5 days to strengthen the relationship between body, mind, spirit and creativity. The benefit is in re framing our understanding of ourselves as spirit through the image painted. The Centers Meditation Garden is a place to refresh your spirit in nature. It’s centrally located in old downtown Vero Beach, Florida. You are welcome to come and sit amidst the birds and the butterflies at your convenience. Their Library is a place to refresh your mind with the classics and contemporary thinking about spirituality. They have more than 1,675 volumes and audio and video resources for spiritual care and development.

No prior experience is necessary for painting a Byzantine style icon, the retreat is for all skill levels. Those who are beginning the journey or want to expand their learning, all are welcome, regardless of artistic experience or spiritual background. The medium is traditional egg tempera pigments and gold leaf on a wooden board panel, all materials are natural and included in the price.

Master instructor and author, Mary Jane Miller, will lead us through step by step instruction with demonstrations that will gently and joyfully shepherd you through the process.

Great instruction and exchanges always arise at these workshops, the subject and tradition make for a fascinating mix of ancient technique and contemporary revival of eternal wisdom. Do not miss this opportunity to take time out from your busy life, to accept some instruction and meditate on what an amazing thing it is to be alive and here now.

For more information please contact Carol Ludwig either by phone 772-567-1233 or mail at

COST $600.00 USD. participant (includes art supplies and lunch). Maximum 18 participants.

Lodging and transportation not included. Paypal, cash or check to reserve a spot.


New Zealand

September 1st to October 31st 2019

Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat Centre

I have been selected for a two month residential scholarship at Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat Centre, Auckland New Zealand. Vaughan Park picks 4 artists a year, pairing two for the spring and two for the fall.

Will be working on a new collection called “On Holy Ground”. It will be a visual narrative exploring Christs instructions to love and care for what we have been given. I hope to draw upon the number four; 4 cardinal points, earth, air, fire and water and above, below, beyond and through to communicate love for the planet through iconographal image.

The center will offer my teaching and lectures as a member of their Anglican community.

New Zeland


More information about Mary Jane Miller can be found at:
Contemporary Byzantine Icons
Modern Catholic Iconography
Sacred Icon Retreats

Pricing and Registration

The workshop is limited to 18 participants. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Early registration, One month:
At St Peters Episcopal Church. Lewes, Delaware $490 USD 302-645-8479
At St. Cyprian Episcopal. Lufkin, Texas $490 USD

The icon Retreat and icon Workshops begin after everyone is settled in after arrival the night before. We will meet then for introductions and sharing, why are you interested inconography? The icon classes actually begins 9 AM of the first day. Six hours a day of work and meditation. There will be one evening power point presentation of the artists work open to the public. The retreat ends 3 PM on the last day normally a Friday after the blessing of the icons. Each participant will have a finished icon on completion of this retreat.

San Miguel Icons has well written and informative articles on the blog as well as a book store on We have You Tube videos, a store on facebook, linkedin, Gloria TV, Instagram, the CIVA, Episcopal Visual Arts Council and twitter which are all social media platforms to help you get acquainted with the medium, the teacher and the value of modern catholic and byzantine style icons. I have been published in professional Episcopalians, Temple Divine, The Orthodox Review, Faith and Forum, Up Stream People, and our local paper. Books are on and Amazon. The four 5 day icon retreat is an intense workshop, given 4 times a year, Any books are made available to my students, accompanied by a small assortment of icons for purchase. If you would like me to come and lecture at your retreat center, your church, a museum or school, I am available. OR If you want to host me as an instructor for icon painting this would be a pleasure, please use the contact page.

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Mary Jane Miller
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