Traditional Process

Thomas Merton said, "We are all one, but we imagine we are not." Quiet mind enhances natural being, rather than being, enhanced by the illusions of thought, emotion and ego.

Who is mary jane

Someone asked me what I do? I replied, “I try to paint pictures of God with Dirt! “

Why Icons in Egg Tempera

“In all of my experience, of all the mediums and genres I have worked with, there is nothing as intimate or soul reaching or meditative as working with ground dirt and divine image”.

The idea of moving small particles of sand around with a brush to create a divine image is exhilarating, it is contemplative. Others find solace in yoga, meditation and prayer; I find it in icon painting. The practice requires considerable time and patience. The challenge lies in transmitting my peace, passion, fear, sadness or joy while abiding the artistic rules that govern traditional icon painting. This is an ancient language handed down from Byzantium times, 1,500 years ago.

Preserving the practice

Icon painting in the 21st century is not easy; most of the icons we view in books and museums have only become available to the public eye in the past 100 years. Today it is a very popular art form. To believe in something you cannot see, demands balance and perseverance. I never stop believing there is a purpose for each of us, compelling us to go where others dare not tread.

Peace Mary Jane Miller, Icons for a more spiritual tomorrow.

Pricing and Registration

The workshop is limited to 18 participants. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Early registration, One month:
At Jubilee House Retreat Center. Abingdon Va. $800 USD
$400 USD workshop only for day student 276 619 0919
At St Peters Episcopal Church. Lewes, Delaware $800 USD 302-645-8479
All materials included in price

Retreat begins after everyone is settled in after arrival the night before. We will meet then for introductions and sharing. The class actually begins 9 AM of the first day. There will be one evening slide show open to the public. The retreat ends 3 PM on the last day after the blessing of the icons. Each participant will have a finished icon on completion of this retreat.

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Mary Jane Miller
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