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Mary Jane Miller

About Sacred Icon Retreat

Mary Jane Miller

Mary Jane Miller Icon painter of the Byzantine style Iconography, uses her brush to paint what we cannot see.

Theological and spiritual insights have been handed down for generations. What often inspires Miller about icon painting is the million-year-old dirt; ancient stone pigments traditionally used by Byzantine iconographers. The earth was divinely created, and it governs a wide array of textures and color in icon painting.

All of life comes from the unseen energy of God, only to be seen in color and formed in creation.

The infinite range of imagination found in sacred iconography has merged with Mary Jane’s interpretation of the present. As a female icon Miller attempts to teach others to listen to their mysticism. She believes Byzantine-style iconography has the potential to reflect humankind’s continual joy and beauty found in the search for spiritual fulfillment.

The best icons can communicate to any modern-day viewer a moment of stillness that can bring about comfort, revelation, connection or healing.

Miller says she has no idea if her work has any lofty or pious importance. However, she does know that each time she immerses the brush to stir the paint, a spiral of color is formed. This spiral reminds her of eternity and constant change. It is enough for her to witness this magnificent tiny world of paint, revealing its life force and message. Mary Jane is being made whole by the paint which teaches throughout icon painting workshops. Thank you for listening.