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Have Questions?

Maybe we can help by answering some of our most common questions .

Still can’t find an answer, visit our Contacts page and we’ll try and help you there.

For lodging and details for travel please contact the host or look for an Airbnb in the area.

Most of the workshops begin on a Sunday with the blessing of hands and the actual workshop begins Monday mornings.

All materials are included in the price, if you want to use your own that is fine as well.

Every workshop is different. We could follow the church calendar or I would accept requests. We always use an ancient image as the original. We never use a contemporary image or one I have done in the past.

Not at all, as we say in Mexico there is room in heaven for everyone. The Icon painting workshop is for every level and all faiths. Byzantine-style iconography is Christian-based in theology and biblical references.

We try to keep a quiet atmosphere to enhance the potential for prayer and contemplation while we work.