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Mary Jane Miller Workshops

About our Workshops

During Contemplative Icon Retreats, participants complete painting an icon in egg tempera. The keys for preserving this ancient technique are housed in prayer and spirituality. Your created image when finished lives on as a call to beauty and meditation. Art retreats in Iconography has value in our society because it speaks of the divine, the heart and potential for art to raise our consciousness.

The completion of an icon is an organic and dynamic process. Contemplative Icon art retreats are designed to merge the heart and mind with our contemporary brush strokes. The creation of each icon is a spiritual journey steeped in tradition and culture passed down from the Byzantine Era. The sacred stone, rock, and dust of the Earth are full of color and texture that we mix with egg yolk. The act of moving small particles of our planet Earth remind us of the beauty of creation and its vast diversity in shape and form.

The Medium

The medium is traditional egg tempera, natural earth pigments and gold leaf on a wooden board

All Skill Levels

We are open to everyone’s unique level of artistic experience and celebrate every spiritual background, inclusive of any and all practices.


Atlanta, GA

OCTOBER Sunday 6th to 11th 2024
Contact : Rev Bill Murray
Phone : 404-255-4023
Email :
Cost 480.00 USD
St. Pauls Church, GA

Blairsville, GA

OCTOBER Sunday 13th to 18th 2024
Contact : Rev Liz Schellingerhoudt
Phone : 404-255-4023
Email :
Cost 480.00 USD
community church, vero beach florida

Vero Beach, Florida

NOVEMBER 11th to 15th 2024
Monday 9 am till Friday at 3 pm
1901 23rd. Street Vero Beach, FL 32960
Contact : Anna Copeland
Phone : 772 562-3633
Email :
Cost 495.00 USD

Also, Studio classes in Mexico

We offer ongoing three week icon paint workshops in the Studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The week days are determined group by group since it is difficult to find time and organize all our schedules.

Miller offers week-long workshops in the Studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and the US. Three hours each morning and afternoon for 5 days. The cost is 480.00 USD. Scheduling is flexible and discounts are available. Thursdays are open studio days. Artists and others are invited to come and play in the dirt, explore iconography, and discuss ideas happening in the spirit.

For private classes and online consultations contact me.